Call for tighter licensing hours in Ormskirk

The Borough Council should use new licensing powers to selectively reduce Ormskirk pub licensing hours and allow long-suffering residents a night’s sleep. That’s the call Adrian is making.

Adrian, who represents the town’s Derby ward, said that he had been contacted almost 90 times since late September by residents suffering late night noise and nuisance across several areas of the ward. He says he knows of residents in other parts of Ormskirk with similar problems.

Adrian said,“Many of the calls have been received between 2 and 3am in the morning when the town centre pubs close. Residents are being disturbed often several times in the middle of the week when they have to get up for work the following morning. Some of these residents have safety critical jobs and when they use words like exhausted to describe their condition, I am understandably concerned.”

“I have written to the council’s chief licensing officer and formally requested that the council consider establishing an Early Morning Restriction Order in Ormskirk. This would allow the council to enforce early closing times on licensed premises at certain times and in certain areas. The details will need careful consideration and would be subject to consultation. Indeed, I have also already written to the contact of the group of town centre landlords I met earlier this year and offered to meet with them again, but the current situation is completely unacceptable. Residents’ lives are being made a misery.”

Adrian explained that Early Morning Restriction Orders had been introduced under new Government legislation at the end of October. Earlier this year, Cllr Owens had called for local pubs and clubs to alter their practices that fuelled drunkenness.

Adrian was supported in his call by one local resident, Michael Forth from St Helens Road. Mr Forth said,“The problem of night-time noise and nuisance is getting worse. I’ve had my gate pillars damaged twice and been woken at all hours. Neighbours cannot sleep and some have suffered criminal damage. Such is the concern there is talk about sending a joint letter to the Chief Constable.”

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