Calling time on pubs that fuel drunkenness

Adrian says that some pubs and clubs in Ormskirk need to alter practices that lead to drunkenness and disturbance to local residents or face further controls.

He was speaking after a meeting that he arranged between council officers, the police and trading standards to review what additional steps could be taken to tackle the problem.

Adrian said that in recent months he had heard from residents who suffered broken sleep in the middle of the working week through rowdiness in the early hours; vomit in hedges; and in one case, a pensioner traumatised when drunken yobs kicked her front door off its hinges and yelled abuse at her.

"Selling drinks at £1 a shot is irresponsible while serving drinks to someone who is already drunk is illegal. Most liquor licence holders are responsible, but a few are fuelling the anti-social behaviour and crime that residents in parts of my ward are suffering. Enough is enough."

“Following the meeting that I called, the police will be increasing patrols midweek. They will also meet with town centre landlords and seek an agreement to a minimum price for alcohol. Trading standards will be organising further test purchases of alcohol to ensure it is not being sold to people underage.”

Adrian continued saying that if voluntary measures did not work new legal powers being introduced this autumn would be considered.

“I hope that landlords will work with the council and police to make sure that Ormskirk is a pleasant place for an evening out and that my residents can enjoy peace in their own homes. However, the new legal powers will be considered if necessary. Any powers used must be on the basis of evidence and I would urge residents to continue to report any incidents using the non-emergency 101 number and ask for a log number.”

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