Support for the proposed new local plan crumbling as MP comes out in opposition

Independent Councillor Adrian Owens says support for the new proposed local plan is crumbling even before the public consultation starts with the local MP, Rosie Cooper now opposing the plans put forward by her Labour council colleagues.

Adrian said, “Our West Lancashire has been advising local residents to write to Rosie Cooper as the local MP. Initially, responses from the MP were non-committal and we advised residents further. Now however, clearly taken aback by the level of public anger at the proposals, Rosie Cooper has said that she does ‘not believe that West Lancashire Borough Council should build houses for Merseyside’”.

““Yet the Labour council’s plan proposes just that - building more than 6000 houses for Merseyside in West Lancashire’s green belt on prime farming land. So, this puts the MP in direct opposition to her own Labour council!”

Adrian continued,“This particular proposal on Merseyside housing, along with idea to have a plan for 30 years, was why I said this draft local plan was based on entirely the wrong premise. I am delighted that the MP has reached the same conclusion.”

“The result will be that the prime, large sites will be snapped up first and developed rapidly by large house builders, and all this without even any promise of any significant extra road or rail links. When Preston reached a City Deal with the Government to build thousands of houses – it was a deal. They got something in return the transport infrastructure needed. In contrast, there is no such promise with this ‘wing and a prayer’ draft plan in West Lancashire. It will need local residents to reject it via the ballot box”, Adrian concluded.

3rd September 2018

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