Planning Application for Windmill pub resurfaces

Three years ago an application to develop The Windmill site for accommodation for 33 students was refused. Now there’s a new application.

This time the proposal is to accommodate 27 persons— 14 students in the former pub & 13 people in the apartment block. There is no occupancy restriction on the apartments. They can be let to anyone.

Compared to the previous application, the apartment block would be a half-metre taller. Dormer windows would overlook Mill Street and Windmill Avenue.

More car parking is proposed to be located close to the boundary with Windmill Avenue with an access road along the side of 2 Mill Street.

In 2015, Adrian strongly opposed the application and supported residents to successfully defeat it. Now, OWL councillors, Ian Davis and Adrian Owens are opposing this new application and are supporting residents to make their views known.

17th August 2018

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