Adrian 'wrings' grass cutting and road sweeping commitments out of councils in advance of The Open Championship

After being contacted by a resident concerned by the appearance of West Lancashire scarcely a week before many overseas and national visitors will visit or pass through the Borough in connection with the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, Adrian contacted senior staff and councillors at the Borough and County Councils.

Adrian wrote: "The Open Championship is to be held at Royal Birkdale the week after next. The Borough will be hosting many hundreds of visitors from other countries and thousands more will travel through it on the way to the Links. It must be hoped that some of the “visitor dollar” will be spent in the hospitality industry in West Lancashire, but with its current appearance they would be forgiven for driving swiftly on.

Currently, I am ashamed of the appearance of our Borough and the boundary between West Lancashire and Sefton is a stark one as one travels along the main thoroughfares.

In the remaining time before the start of the golf (a week at most given the busy practice days), what work do you intend to carry out to ensure that, at the very least, the main thoroughfares and entrances to the Borough are presentable rather than their current unkempt; untidy; overgrown; weed strewn and grimy condition?"

In responses today, the County Council has promised to cut grass and maintain the grounds along 'the advertised diversion route from Junction 3 of the M58 to the Royal Birkdale Golf course' this Wednesday and the Borough council is organising street cleansing to follow behind.

Adrian said, "I had to wring this commitment from the respective councils. The current condition of our street scene is shameful and this doesn't address anything other than the single route to the golf. How we expect to encourage visitors to linger in our Borough is not explained in the council responses."

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