Council should publish Confidential Cabinet report that Recommended installing Enforcement Cameras on Ormskirk's car parks

Adrian has called on the Borough Council to publish the confidential cabinet report that agreed to the controversial installation of automatic number plate recognition cameras on the town centre car parks.

Adrian issued his call after Our West Lancashire started a petition against the camera plans and the council in turn issued a statement trying to justify the move.

Adrian said, “The council’s statement talks about mobile phone top-up but seems to imply that cameras are needed for this. They are not. The mobile phone top-up facility could be installed on the current machines at a low cost. This is something the council could and should have done two years ago when it was called for by Our West Lancashire.”

“If the council are going to start making public statements about the plans for cameras, then they should make public the council report that led to cabinet approving this move. As a councillor, I’ve read that report and I think members of the public should also be able to read it. Then residents would be able to form their own opinion rather than rely on the version from the council’s PR department. Any commercially confidential sentences can be excluded from what is made public.”

Adrian concluded by saying that the petition against the plans has already gathered 200 signatures online and face-to-face with comments from retailers and shoppers that cameras will simply discourage a percentage of motorists from visiting the town.

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