Labour making it up as they go along on Green Bins

Adrian has criticised the Labour run council for the lack of answers to questions residents are already asking about how the unpopular green bin charge will operate.

Adrian said that when he asked the officers charged with operating the new scheme how it would work they were unable to provide an answer to any question he asked.

“I asked them when the charge would start – no answer. I asked them how they would tell who had paid the charge and who hadn’t – no answer. I asked them whether residents who didn’t pay the charge would keep their green bin or would those bins be collected back – no answer.”

“I’ve loudly criticised the decision to introduce this charge. That flew in the face of the strongest public opposition I can recall. However, to make this decision with no plan as to how to carry it out, beggars belief."

Adrian concluded, “No doubt, they will get ideas from the councils who have already gone down this route, but the lack of thought that has gone into this is appalling. The council leadership should be ashamed to be making up policy as they go along. They need a plan quickly and they need to let residents know what will happen. The best plan of course would be to ditch the idea altogether, but Labour are deaf to that.”

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