Residents Getting a "Raw Deal” on Parking Enforcement from County Council

Our West Lancashire Borough councillor, Adrian Owens has sharply criticised Lancashire County Council Parking Services this week after figures in their annual report showed parking enforcement in West Lancashire had dropped by 39%.

Adrian said, “No one wants to see overzealous traffic wardens waiting to catch unsuspecting motorists, but we have the opposite problem locally. I get many complaints from residents about vehicles regularly flouting yellow line restrictions on roads around the Borough. The problem has been getting worse and these figures in the Parking Service Annual Report seem to show why.”

“Some Lancashire Boroughs have seen increased enforcement but West Lancashire is one of the areas of Lancashire where enforcement has dropped dramatically. Perhaps it is because we are on the edge of the county. Whatever the reason, West Lancashire appears to be getting a raw deal and it’s not good enough.”

Adrian has now written to the Head of Lancashire Parking Services demanding an explanation of the figures.

Adrian concluded,“If our parking habits in West Lancashire had markedly improved then that might be an explanation for the reduction in tickets issued, but the complaints I regularly receive from residents and the evidence of my own eyes says this is not the case even with the savings in the parking service that the county council have enacted.”

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