Planning appeal on Fat Olive "provocative"

Speaking after news that Mr Michael McComb has launched an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for the larger 4 storey student accommodation block at the former Fat Olive on St Helens Road, Derby ward councillor, Adrian called the move “provocative”.

Adrian said, “Mr McComb has recently received planning permission for a three storey development at the site. Now he is appealing because he didn’t get permission for a larger four storey block. There is a place for purpose built student accommodation in the town which is why I have supported developments at the Indoor Market and on Church Street, but this latest appeal is provocative."

The developer is adopting the approach of repeated applications and appeals in the hope of wearing down the resistance of local people. He can be sure that where a proposed development is broadly acceptable, local people will support it; they want to see a balanced housing market and the right investment in Ormskirk. However, with this latest move residents will feel they have been kicked in the teeth and that Mr McComb simply wants to ride roughshod over Ormskirk.”

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