Local "Gem" Ruff Wood sparkles more brightly after weekend spruce up

Ruff Wood enjoyed a spruce up recently as a team of volunteers organised by local ward councillor, Adrian Owens rolled up their sleeves towards the end of last month.

A team of more than 15 volunteers directed by the council’s park ranger service picked litter; dismantled a den; cleared overgrowth from paths; and lopped branches.

The community action day was the latest in a series run by the local party of independents on the council, Our West Lancashire of which Adrian is a member. Adrian said, “It’s easy to always demand that someone else does something, whereas if we all do our bit instead, then our neighbourhoods would be stronger, cleaner and safer. It was great to see a good response from those living close to the Wood and our youngest volunteer on the day was only five years old.”

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