Update on traffic and parking problems relating to Edge Hill at start of academic year

I have been pressing the relevant organisations on the matter of the significant inconvenience caused by illegal and inconsiderate parking and the traffic congestion on St Helens Road which occurs at the start of each academic year.

Adrian was the only ward councillor to attend the recent Freshers’ Planning meeting, and raised this matter and has been pursuing it subsequently. Adrian has also recently arranged the relining of worn out yellow lines on part of Ruff Lane.

In discussions with Edge Hill, the following points have been identified or initiatives have been taken, which taken together may impact positively on the matter this September.

  • Last September, Adrian audited the parking permit issuing process by visiting campus car parks on several occasions. Permits were taking up to three weeks to issue and in the interim something close to a free for all pertained encouraging those with no right to park on campus to chance their luck. He pressed the University hard on this very unsatisfactory state of affairs. Adrian is very pleased therefore that a new parking permit supplier has been engaged via a contract with clear performance requirements that place a greater emphasis on the ‘turnaround’ of permits at the start of term.
  • The number of Post Graduate Certificate Education students who require access/parking on campus at the start of term in September 2015 has reduced significantly since last year – their numbers last September contributed to the increased volume of traffic.
  • The number of on campus residential students will have increased again for this September. As the default position is that residential students are not permitted to park on campus, this should have an overall positive net impact on traffic flow to and from the University. I will monitor campus car parks to check on this, but please let me have any evidence if you feel those liking on campus are getting parking permits. (Those with special needs may be allowed a permit of course).
  • The University has revamped its communication strategy in relation to parking to focus attention on the need for all campus users to consider alternative modes of transport, other than single-occupancy car journeys, at peak times i.e. the start of term – even those eligible for a Permit. Importantly the University have reminded all campus users of their responsibility to park safely and considerately and to pay particular care and attention should they choose to park in residential areas. Obviously, it is not expected this message will sink in with all recipients of the message, so please involve Adrian if required in September to pursue illegal/inconsiderate parking with the police and Lancashire Parking Services.

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