Speed enforcement in Westhead by camera back at last

Finally speeding motorists will be taking a risk travelling through Westhead after county officers confirmed the speed camera will be back in use again.

Following questions from a concerned resident, Adrian pursued a Freedom of Information request with Lancashire Police and found that the camera had been non-operational since October 2012! The police indicated that there was a legal issue with the traffic regulation order which prevented camera enforcement.

Adrian said, “As soon as I raised the matter with the police in November last year - 2 years after enforcement stopped, the county council were finally spurred into action. It has still taken them a further 8 months to get the revised order in place which I view as very poor. The lack of a joined up approach between county council and police appears to be at the root of this which traces back to the split in camera maintenance and revenue generating responsibilities.”

Adrian concluded, “I am not the biggest fan of speed cameras but they have their place, especially here close to a primary school. I have written to the police and will monitor to check that the camera is working as it should be.”

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