Replace Diseased Tree Call to County Council

The Borough council is hoping that the county council will relax its stance on the replacement of trees on the public highway according to Adrian.

Independent councillor, Adrian said that the Borough council tree officer has asked the county council to plant a replacement for a diseased horse chestnut which recently had to be taken down on Ruff Lane, by Victoria Park.

Adrian said, “It is a shame that the mature horse chestnut had to be taken down, but it was suffering from canker disease. I understand that usually the county council do not replace trees on highways land, citing financial issues while sometimes they may also have caused problems for wheelchair and pram users.”

Adrian continued, “However, in this case, I hope the county council will listen to our Tree and Landscape Officer and make an exception to their rule and plant a replacement tree. The location is in the Ruff Lane Conservation Area and tree-lined roads are an intrinsic part of the landscape in this area. Such trees also play an important role in capturing airborne particulates from vehicles so reducing air pollution which is a concern in parts of the town centre.”

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