Council and Edge Hill need to end delay and update student accomodation numbers says Adrian

Adrian has called for an end to the delay in updating important information on the current state of the student housing market.

Adrian said that the Borough Council and Edge Hill have been in communication since last October, but that the data on updated student housing market needs was still not available.

“Our local plan states that it must be demonstrated that there is an overriding need for purpose-built student accommodation”, said Cllr Owens. “My gut feel is that such accommodation will still reduce pressure on housing elsewhere, but it is only a gut feel and the situation is altering. We need up-to-date data as the amount of student housing and the need for it has changed rapidly in recent years.”

“I enquired again this past week, and the updated data that the planning committee need is not yet available in spite of the council and Edge Hill talking about it for almost 9 months.”

“Edge Hill supplied some very basic information before Christmas and promised to provide more. In March they said they had someone working on it, and yet still it is awaited. The council too have other information sources from council tax and other records but this has also not been forthcoming.”

Adrian said that it is known that student intake at Edge Hill peaked in 2011 and has fallen since and that some houses in the town used for student accommodation were taking longer to let than a year or two ago.

Adrian, a Derby ward independent concluded, “There are planning applications for student accommodation under consideration currently and it is quite wrong that the information that the planning committee need to assess these applications adequately against our planning policy is being so severely delayed.”

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