New ASB legislation offers greater hope to curtail rowdy partying

The rowdy partying of a few may be better tackled by new antisocial behaviour legislation passed last month says Adrian.

Adrian said that following serious disturbance after an all-night party in a house in Ormskirk at the beginning of this month local police had already warned the house’s occupants about the new powers in the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act.

“I have been told by the police that the occupants were informed that under the legislation there was the prospect of them being fined £2000 or closure of their property if they continued to cause serious disturbance and nuisance to their neighbours. That prospect seems to have had a sobering effect on them.”

Adrian said “We know from our 351352 incident line that there are a small minority of properties in the town which cause repeated disturbance to residents, not just at times like the start of the academic year, but regularly through the year.”

“The legislation includes new injunction powers and new legal instruments such as Community Protection Notices. I have written to council officers and asked them to look at how we change our procedures to make full use of these extra tools in dealing with noise and disturbance from properties. In that way hopefully the level of disturbance suffered by residents can be reduced.”

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