Let’S Get Aughton Street repointed now

Adrian has expressed frustration this week at the delays in repointing the paving sets in Aughton Street.

Adrian said, “The pointing in Aughton Street is badly damaged and poses a hazard to pedestrians, especially those less steady on their feet. The problem has been raised with me by numerous local residents.”

“The funding for the re-pointing is in place, but Lancashire county council officers seem to be tying the work in with the Moor Street improvements. Those won’t start until the late winter or spring. There is no good reason to delay the repointing of Aughton Street until then. I know that Borough council officers are frustrated about the delay as the work, once started, would be completed in only a few days.”

Adrian said that he had written to the county council portfolio holder, Cllr John Fillis requesting him to intervene and speed up the re-pointing. “The county council are the Highways authority and are leading on repairs and improvements to the pedestrian areas. I hope that Cllr Fillis will be able and willing to get these repairs completed more quickly.”

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