Don't Short Change Council Tenants

Council tenants must not be short-changed as a result of an efficiency report into part of the housing service, said Adrian this week.

Adrian was speaking after securing the unanimous backing of the council’s Scrutiny committee in requesting council officers to bring a detailed implementation timetable on the report to next month’s committee meeting.

The report on the council’s Voids & Allocations; Estate Management; and Rent & Money Advice services is one of a programme of organisational re-engineering projects that seek to streamline processes and reduce paperwork and bureaucracy.

Adrian said, “The report highlights many possible efficiency improvements that could save £235,000 a year and at the same time reduce a lot of frustration for staff and council tenants alike. Yet the report unusually contained no timetable for implementation and talked about taking two years to implement. Many of the 37 recommended improvements are relatively easy to complete and council tenants need to see those improvements much quicker.

"Many tenants work in jobs which pay modestly. They have to budget carefully and if they have an opportunity to make a saving in their household budget they take it. The council must do the same with the rent monies it collects from tenants.”

Adrian concluded, “The sooner we can make the identified savings, the sooner we can increase investment, bringing forward future “bricks and mortar” projects.

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