Turning the Tide on Night time Nuisance

As Freshers’ week starts, Adrian has spoken of his cautious hopes that the tide might at last be turning on night time nuisance which has worsened in recent years.

Adrian said that the council and its partners had pulled together the best resourced action plan for the start of the academic year. He commented, “I promoted extra funds for this at the last council budget round and there will be extra policing on the streets until 3am with response teams after that.”

Adrian also said that he would be visiting the CCTV team this week to satisfy himself that CCTV including the extra cameras installed earlier this year was properly integrated with the police response.

There was also a new openness to learning from other areas according to the Ormskirk councillor. “Other towns experience similar issues to Ormskirk and I have long highlighted the positive work done in Loughborough, another small town with a significant University campus less than a mile from the town centre. I’m delighted therefore that the Area Police Inspector has already spoken to colleagues in Loughborough and I understand that senior staff from Edge Hill are visiting there next month to see first-hand how they work. Meanwhile, council officers are exploring another initiative at the University of Warwick in Leamington Spa.”

Adrian said that a drop in reported incidents between January and June compared to the previous year gave him cautious grounds for hope. “The start of the last academic year saw a rise in reported incidents but that worsening trend was reversed after Christmas. If we can continue the success of the last few months during the difficult autumn term then we might be confidently able to say that the problem is improving.”

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