British Telecom challenged on slow delivery of Superfast Broadband in Ormskirk Town centre. Adrian writes to Open Reach after resident complaint

Telecoms chiefs have been challenged by Adrian over delays in the rollout of superfast broadband to Ormskirk town centre.

Cllr Adrian Owens said that he had written to Open Reach, a part of British Telecom responsible for the rollout demanding an explanation.

Adrian said, “I acted after receiving a complaint from a frustrated town centre business. It seems that all the surrounding residential areas have been enabled in recent months and will soon be taking orders for superfast broadband. Town centre businesses cannot remain in the slow lane, due to these unexplained delays by Open Reach.”

“I have checked with council officers and there are no planning constraints to the new superfast fibre cabinets being installed in the town centre. It’s time Open Reach got a move on. Ormskirk town centre should not be left behind in the technology stakes.”

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