New Policy on Houses of Multiple Occupation starts to have effect

Adrian has welcomed news that a planning inspector has backed the decision of the Borough council to refuse conversion of a family house on Knowsley Road into a house of multiple occupation (HMO).

Adrian said, “This is welcome news for residents in Knowsley Road who were seeing a gradual change in the composition of households in the road. It’s also a vindication of the new council policy on controlling the conversion of family homes into houses of multiple occupation.”

The new policy, adopted as part of the new local plan, restricts the percentage of family homes which can be converted into HMOs in Ormskirk, Aughton and Westhead. The aim of the policy is not to prevent all such conversions but to ensure that high concentrations of HMOs do not build up in particular roads. The local plan was passed by the ruling Conservative group on the council.

Adrian said, “In the recent past, high concentrations of HMOs have reduced residential amenity in some parts of Ormskirk. They have also reduced the number of suitable properties in the town available to first time buyers.

The policy in the local plan aims to prevent neighbourhoods becoming more unbalanced and I’m very pleased that the planning inspector recognised this. In the same week as the inspector’s decision the council refused two further such planned conversions, so the policy is starting to have an effect.”

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