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Royal Mail bosses need to sort out Ormskirk mail backlog
Adrian calls for urgent action by Royal Mail bosses
Published 20 January 2021.

Delay in Cycle Route Project to University putting lives at Risk
Residents, bicycle commuters and local councillor unite to call on County Council to end delays over cycle route project in Ormskirk
Published 4 March 2020.

Piecemeal Development Proposal threatens future of Listed Building
Future of Windmill pub building 'up in the air'
Published 5 June 2019.

Council 'not interested' in retailers' needs
Adrian criticises Council Leader for ignoring meeting request from Concourse retailers
Published 22 April 2019.

Support for the proposed new local plan crumbling as MP comes out in opposition
Now Rosie Cooper opposes her Labour colleague's local plan proposals
Published 8 October 2018.

New Local Plan proposals for 16,000 new houses based on entirely the wrong premise
- and there’s no deal with Government for the new transport links that would be needed
Published 3 September 2018.

Windmill application returns
Plans to turn former Ormskirk pub into student accommodation resurface
Published 17 August 2018.

Graffiti removal in town centre
Adrian grabs paint roller to give shoe shop wall a facelift
Published 15 June 2018.

At last Borough and County Council come to their senses on Grounds Maintenance
Adrian warmly welcomes the end of finger pointing between our councils
Published 12 November 2017.

Adrian wrings grounds maintenance work out of councils
Councils make limited promises of improvements in advance of The Open Championship
Published 17 July 2017.

Publish confidential cabinet report says Adrian
Public should be able to form their own opinion on car park cameras proposal
Published 31 March 2017.

Water Tower Proposal could raise privacy & overlooking issues
Adrian raises awareness of latest proposal to redevelop Tower Hill's landmark
Published 19 December 2016.

No answers and no plan for green bin charge
Labour are making it up as they go along
Published 3 November 2016.

Parking chaos around Edge Hill looms again
Lancashire Parking Services frustrating progress
Published 16 August 2016.

Safety Fears Eased after Council agrees to Extra Parking Spaces
Adrian works with Westhead residents to achieve a result
Published 27 June 2016.

Raw deal from county council on Parking Enforcement
Figures show parking enforcement down 39% year on year while some areas of Lancashire see rise
Published 22 May 2016.

Fat Olive move "provocative"
Adrian says developer's move is a kick in the teeth for Ormskirk
Published 5 February 2016.

Labour propose cut to services for older people in Ormskirk
Adrian writes to cabinet to urge them to reject working group recommendation
Published 27 January 2016.

Rebalance the Wigan Road community
Refusal of planning appliction for the Windmill gives an opportunity to rebalance the local housing mix
Published 16 November 2015.

Council should pilot electric vehicles
Adrian says time is right for council to experiment with their first electric powered vehicles
Published 9 November 2015.

Ruff Wood sparkles a little brighter
Adrian leads community effort to polish up Ruff Wood
Published 4 September 2015.

Lancashire county council dragging feet on HGVs
Adrian joins forces with residents to highlight a missed opportunity by county council
Published 10 August 2015.

Student flats turned down at Fat Olive
Adrian supported concerned residents
Published 1 August 2015.

Update on Edge Hill traffic and parking problems
Adrian provides update as start of academic year draws near
Published 29 July 2015.

Speed enforcement by camera back at last in Westhead
Adrian explains saga of Westhead speed camera.
Published 2 July 2015.

Replace diseased tree call to county council
Borough council wants highways tree replaced in conservation area and Adrian backs their stance.
Published 8 June 2015.

End delay on student accommodation data
Adrian says delay in getting updated student accommodation data puts planning committee in difficult position in considering latest planning applications
Published 1 June 2015.

An Open Letter to the Mayor-Elect
Adrian asks Mayor-Elect to forego some allowances. £32,000 from the public purse for voluntary roles in straitened times is too much
Published 15 May 2015.

Introduce public question time at council meetings
What's right for residents of Preston and Lancaster should be right for West Lancashire residents too
Published 16 February 2015.

Strange goings on in budget preparations
Delay in publication of budget estimates unprecedented and explanations not forthcoming
Published 9 February 2015.

Celebrating improvements at Ruff Wood
Children from Westhead St James school help celebrate the improvements at Ruff Wood
Published 2 February 2015.

Great news from Birchwood AGM
West Lancashire charity secures £500,000 for mediation work with troubled families
Published 30 January 2015.

Lancashire county council consultation a "travesty"
Adrian slams county council for slipping out cuts proposals in pre-Christmas rush
Published 4 December 2014.

New ASB legislation offers greater hope to curtail rowdy partying
Adrian hopes new legislation will help
Published 21 November 2014.

Don't delay repointing of Aughton Street
Adrian has written to the county council portfolio holder urging speedy repairs to Aughton Street
Published 26 October 2014.

Don't short change council tenants
Adrian secures unanimous all party support on scrutiny committee to ensure identified savings benefit tenants as soon as possible
Published 6 October 2014.

Turning the tide on night-time nuisance
Positive signs at last
Published 20 September 2014.

Adrian challenges British Telecom over Superfast Broadband
Parts of Ormskirk town centre must not be left in slow lane
Published 24 August 2014.

Adrian is completely opposed to European Arrest Warrant
Adrian's letter to the press on the subject
Published 10 July 2014.

Annual Council 11th June - Personal Statement
Adrian makes personal statement
Published 13 June 2014.

Local jobless at lowest for 6 years
Adrian welcomes signs of economy having turned
Published 19 May 2014.

Boost for those who work
Workers getting allocated more council houses
Published 1 February 2014.

New Policy on Houses of Multiple Occupation starts to have effect
Planning Inspector backs council stance
Published 5 January 2014.

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