beliefs and priorities

• Adrian strongly believes in the model of political leadership where the leader is servant. The concept of public service is increasingly obscured. Too many politicians are in it for what they can get out.

• Adrian is on the side of the majority of people who work hard and pay their taxes. The waste of human potential and financial cost of those on benefits must be tackled: everyone has something to offer. Extra help should also be provided to tackle the tragedy of personal debt.

• Adrian will fight to protect our local environment and the heritage that makes West Lancashire's different communities varied and unique.

• Adrian believes that government - national and local can't, and shouldn't, be expected to do everything. Communities are stronger when individuals and families come together with encouragement and support from agencies. In West Lancashire, charities and social enterprises often reach those people that government fails.

• Adrian believes that more needs to be done within West Lancashire to tackle the barriers between some of our communities. By working smartly we can bring more of the skills and resources of those fortunate enough to be fluorishing to help those less fortunate to also develop.

• Adrian believes that politicians do not know it all. That is why he supports giving voters more say, whether here in West Lancashire, nationally or in referendums such as the one on membership of the European Union.