New Local Plan proposals for 16,000 new houses based on entirely the wrong premise

...and there’s no deal with Government for the new transport links that would be needed

Plans for 16,000 new houses in the draft local plan unveiled last week are based on entirely the wrong premise says Adrian and with no deal to deliver the new road and rail links that would be required. Some of the new sites are shown in the plan below (Plan indicative).

Adrian, a former Deputy Leader of the council said, “The current local plan is working well. It’s delivering new homes faster than we anticipated while protecting almost all of our Green Belt. In my own ward, more than 250 new homes have been built this decade with more under construction.”

“Instead of a light touch review, the Labour-run council have embarked on wholesale changes. Their plans, finally revealed last week would see 16,000 houses built, many of them on prime farming land. One proposed development of 1,100 houses is so big that four council wards are affected while the 6,000 houses proposed to the west and south west of Skelmersdale would change this rural area out of all recognition.”

Adrian continued,“The council have currently allocated enough land for development until 2027. The only reason that Labour are having to allocate so much additional land for housebuilding now, is because they have chosen to meet the housing needs of Merseyside authorities to the tune of around 6,500 homes and run the plan over an enormous 38-year period.”

“The result will be that the prime, large sites will be snapped up first and developed rapidly by large house builders, and all this without even any promise of any significant extra road or rail links. When Preston reached a City Deal with the Government to build thousands of houses – it was a deal. They got something in return the transport infrastructure needed. In contrast, there is no such promise with this ‘wing and a prayer’ draft plan in West Lancashire. It will need local residents to reject it via the ballot box”, Adrian concluded.

3rd September 2018

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