local unemployment at lowest for four and a half years

The fall in the Borough’s unemployment to its lowest for four and a half years has been welcomed by Adrian who is the council’s lead member for regeneration this week.

Adrian welcomed figures showing that West Lancashire’s jobless figure has fallen to 2055 – or 3% - the lowest since November 2008. West Lancashire’s employment performance is also significantly better than the regional or national averages.

Adrian said “These figures, along with recent surveys of business confidence in the region, suggest that the economic situation is improving further. We are certainly seeing signs of that improvement locally. We know of companies with healthy order books and business enquiries and new tenancies are picking up.”

“At the council we’ve recently offered 40 work experience places through our Regenerating Homes programme, leading to apprenticeship opportunities. These signs of greater confidence and our work experience and apprenticeship programmes locally give hope to young people leaving education this summer and to those affected by welfare changes.”

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