Are Labour capable of running local council?

Ruling Conservatives on West Lancashire Borough council have this week turned their attack on Labour after the Labour group once again fired their group leader and installed a new one – the fourth in 4 years

Conservative Deputy Leader, Adrian Owens said “Councillor Fillis is the latest in a long line of Labour leaders who has been stabbed in the back by his own colleagues. Perhaps it’s because he put up no alternative budget; no alternative local development plan, no plan for apprenticeships and no answers to the difficulties we face.”

“We’ve had a different Labour Leader every year since 2010 as the Labour group lurches about bereft of policy ideas and prone to factional in-fighting.”

Adrian welcomed Cllr Bell to the role of Labour Leader but said that the initial signs for any positive change in the Labour group were not good.

“While the Conservatives, cut the cost of local politicians yet again last week by reducing the size of the cabinet to six, Labour’s new leader instead announced a much larger team of spokesmen and women. This is an ominous sign. The last time they ran the council, they more than doubled the amount of money paid to councillors in allowances and this latest move looks like more “jobs for the boys”.

Adrian concluded by noting that the Conservative council had reduced councillor allowances in real terms by 40% over the past decade which had helped to keep council tax rises to the lowest in Lancashire.

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