Night-time nuisance in Ormskirk running at almost three times the rate of Chorley

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Adrian has said that newly released police figures which show night-time anti-social behaviour incidents in the town running at nearly three times the rate of Chorley “lay bare the extent of nuisance” faced by residents.

Adrian, who represents the town’s Derby ward, was speaking after obtaining figures from Lancashire police showing that solely between the hours of midnight and 6am the police had recorded an annual average of 230 anti- social behaviour incidents between April 2011 and March 2013.

Adrian asked for the figures for Chorley town centre in comparison. He said, “Chorley’s population is almost double that of Ormskirk. I would have expected almost double the number of anti-social behaviour incidents. Instead the number of incidents in Chorley was almost 50% lower than Ormskirk’s.”

The statistics also showed a sharp rise in assaults taking place in the early hours of the morning in Ormskirk town centre. Assaults after midnight were 58% more frequent in 2012/13 than in the 12 months previously.

Adrian continued, “I have written to the police to ask them for further detail about the sharp rise in assaults but the anti-social behaviour figures underline the findings of our own. One resident told me she was woken up six times in a single night recently.

The figures are also an underestimate. We know that residents don’t report all incidents. The neighbourhood police line was out of action three times in recent months while one resident said to me last week that ‘disturbance is now almost something to set your clock by’ and that ‘it can be exhausting to do any more than let it wash over you.’”

Last November, Councillor Owens called on the Borough Council to consider introducing an Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO) on pubs in Ormskirk to require early closing times, something the council is now considering. Adrian concluded, “Since my call last autumn, other towns are now considering introducing similar restrictions on pub opening times. The level of crime and nuisance in Ormskirk certainly demonstrates we have an issue, and I continue to believe that earlier weeknight pub closing would lead to an improvement.”

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