Motorfest bigger and better but no thanks to Labour

Hailing the success of Sunday’s Ormskirk Motorfest, Adrian said that the event had proved “bigger and better” than last year.

Adrian, who worked as a volunteer marshal at the event said, “This year’s Motorfest was bigger and better than last year’s and proved a great family day out, especially as the sun came out for a change. It was pleasing to see the town’s retailers doing brisk business and visitors coming to our town for the first time. Hopefully many will return again.”

“While nothing is ever perfect, and there are further improvements that can be made, Aintree Circuit Club did a fantastic job and the support from sponsors especially the Belfry Group was vital to the growth of the event this year.”

Adrian was highly critical though of the stance of the West Lancashire Labour party in relation to Motorfest. “Firstly, at the beginning of the year they tried to strangle the Motorfest at birth by arguing that much of the council money underwriting the event should be withdrawn. There would have been no Motorfest if we had followed Labour’s line. Then, more recently, we have had the carping from our Labour MP who seems to spend more time running down our area in the local press than promoting our area’s interests at Westminster. Shame on the local Labour party.”

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