Time to talk up our local economy

Welcoming news that unemployment in West Lancashire has fallen to its lowest level since 2008, Adrian said, “It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture with the ups and downs of economic news. However, the latest jobless figures which show unemployment at the lowest level in West Lancashire since December 2008, the year of the banking crisis, show that we shouldn’t be overly gloomy. Confidence is a key part of any economy and we mustn’t talk ourselves down.”

“Our unemployment rate is also below the regional and national average. Some people outside West Lancashire may have an image that parts of our Borough are full of work shy couch potatoes. These figures show that image to be completely false. Of course the economic situation is difficult, but we have people with energy and skills and many local companies flourishing . Remembering and highlighting that will help build further confidence.”

Adrian added that to date, over 100 local apprenticeships have been created by the council and its partners working in collaboration with local business. He is pictured here with Marie Hackney and Tony Lewis of West Lancashire Disability Helpline. Marie is one of 14 apprentices recruited through the Supported Apprenticeship Scheme wth local voluntary organisations - this is on top of those created with private sector employers. Meanwhile, the first two apprentices employed by West Lancashire Borough council have also secured permanent employment.

“While the economic picture is mixed”, Adrian concluded, “many local private sector businesses are thriving and creating the job vacancies that put local job seekers in a better position than in many other boroughs. Confidence is infectious - we need to try to spread it.”

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