Local voters tell me: “I’ll support you locally, but I won't vote for David Cameron”

Commenting on the local elections, Cllr Adrian Owens said, “I was delighted that the result in my ward saw a swing to the Conservatives, in sharp contrast to the anti-Conservative mood elsewhere. I thank my local ward residents for placing their support with me at the election and promise to serve them to the best of my abilities in the next four years.”

“However, it was abundantly clear that voters were disenchanted with the current Government. I had comments saying that they would support me in a council election but that if this was a General Election, they wouldn’t support David Cameron.”

“I have a lot of sympathy with my voters, and I have written to the Prime Minister to ensure that he understands the views of the people I met during the campaign."

Adrian said that he couldn’t understand how any Conservative could promote marginal tax rates of 65-70% as would be the case with George Osborne’s so-called “improved” child benefit reforms. He also called for the government to roll up its sleeves and find additional savings so that the planned rise in fuel duty in August could be halted.

“Local voters want to see action on their everyday concerns. They want the Government to halt fuel duty rises that could put fuel over the £1.50 a litre mark. They frankly scratch their heads at Britain sending money to prop up a failed and collapsing Eurozone when we should instead be working with our European neighbours to create a new monetary system for Europe.”

“I hear constantly from local businesses discouraged from creating new jobs by red tape. Cutting red tape can be done without affecting deficit reduction, yet instead of pursuing this, the Government are obsessed with priorities such as gay marriage and House of Lords reform. These aren’t top of the concerns of local voters and I’ve told David Cameron so.”

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