Success in school 20mph campaign

Derby Ward’s primary schools in Westhead and on Greetby Hill are set to get 20 mph speed limits in a victory for local residents and for the campaign initiated by Adrian three years ago.

Adrian said, “When I started a campaign in 2008 for 20 mph limits outside our local primary schools, the idea was relatively new to Lancashire. Yet we collected more than 600 signatures from concerned parents including those at Westhead Lathom St James’s and Ormskirk Church of England Primary and persuaded the Borough Council to produce a scrutiny report.”

Adrian continued saying that while Labour controlled the county council the campaign stalled. “They seemed to see it as party political and took a “not invented here” attitude which was disappointing.” With Conservatives taking control of the county council attitudes changed and a 20 mph limit is now planned for outside both schools during a phased programme over the next two years.

Adrian concluded,“Not only as a councillor, but as a parent of young children this change in speed limits outside schools will help to reduce accidents and make the journey to school safer for everyone.”

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