45% of Edge Hill traffic passes Junction 3 of M58 - why not a Park & Ride?

As the new University year starts this week with increased traffic congestion, Adrian has said Junction 3 of the M58 is the ideal location for a park and ride facility

Adrian said, “A new analysis shows that 45% of Edge Hill traffic passes Junction 3 of the motorway. In the coming weeks, we will see significant additional congestion on local roads, especially the A570, so a park and ride located near that junction would make sense and significantly reduce that congestion.”

Adrian has previously successfully pressed for a transport working group involving the council and Edge Hill to be established. He added that he was pleased at small improvements to traffic management agreed by the transport working group.

Adrian said, “The improvements to the parking permit system and the new electronic entrance signs will assist, but the fundamental problem is too many cars on the finite amount of tarmac on the roads leading to the University. Switching car users to shuttle buses near Junction 3 would improve traffic flows. I understand that Ormskirk hospital bosses now support a park and ride and it seems an option that needs detailed exploration.”

“The coming weeks will see the same issues as previous years – too many cars traveling at the same time to the same location. Traffic is so bad that earlier this year the bus timetable from St Helens to Ormskirk had to be reduced because of it, and the extra drag it places on all local businesses is the last thing our area needs in these tough economic times.”

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