New Landlord Scheme Proposed

A new scheme to accredit local landlords could be launched by Conservative controlled West Lancashire Borough Council. The idea was first raised at a meeting of the Borough Council/Edge Hill Forum and has been developed by the Council since then and will be considered by council cabinet on 13th September.

The proposal, which would see the council work with the Residential Landlords Association, has been welcomed by Derby ward’s Conservative councillors.

Adrian said: “Edge Hill Student Union is supportive of the principle of piloting a landlord accreditation scheme and I and my housing portfolio colleague will be meeting with Edge Hill management later today to see if they too will be involved.”

“It’s important to recognise the scheme is a voluntary one – landlords are not compelled to participate. It will not be a magic wand, but if we can get good cooperation between the partners then we can start to deal with some of the issues faced by both tenants of the properties and their neighbours.”

Adrian will report Edge Hill's response at the council cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

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