Litter picking local grot spot

The path between Ormskirk rail station and the bus station was cleared of more than 10 bags of litter last Saturday, as Adrian joined members of local churches in carrying out community work in the town centre.

Adrian said, "I was pleased to give my support to Servolution. The phrase "we are all in this together", may be a little trite, but the more local people can volunteer and take a pride in their town and a care for their neighbour, the better Ormskirk will be."

“Network Rail provide only a basic grounds maintenance programme on the path between the rail station and the bus station, and the litter there is a real eyesore, so among all the tasks on offer, this seemed to me especially worthwhile."

“The local churches, and especially Ormskirk Christian Fellowship who took the lead, are to be commended on this initiative. I know they plan more such days, so if you know of any tasks - painting, litter picking, gardening etc or you want to help next time, then please let me know."

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