Fall in local unemployment welcomed

News that unemployment has fallen by more than 300 in West Lancashire since the General Election has been warmly welcomed by Adrian who is in charge of West Lancashire’s economy brief.

Adrian said, “The latest figures released last week show that unemployment in West Lancashire has fallen to 2,170. This is too many, but it is more than 300 lower than it was in April last year. Long term joblessness is also falling.

“It’s a promising sign that so many fewer people are unemployed locally. The progress over the past 12 months is another sign, along with recent strong manufacturing output, that we are starting to rebalance the economy away from the debt-driven policies of the previous Labour government.”

“While the recovery is bound to see ups and downs and there will likely be public sector job losses, recent news that Comet is expanding its distribution operations in the constituency and that Hotter Comfort Shoes are taking on more staff gives grounds for believing that job opportunities will continue to be available in the area. Currently job centre vacancies are more than 50% higher than 12 months ago.”

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