Police need a dose of fresh thinking

Commenting on initial proposals to sell police properties at Burscough, Parbold, Scarisbrick and Rufford and close Ormskirk’s front desk to the public, Cllr Adrian Owens said that Lancashire police urgently needed “a dose of fresh thinking”.

Adrian said, “Residents rightly expect efficient spending of their hard earned taxes. Where is the fresh thinking from the police? The Borough council and county council are sharing premises in Ormskirk and at the depot in Skelmersdale to cut costs. If the police shared premises with other public bodies the public could continue to report crimes and concerns face to face.

"Of course police staff should be prioritised over bricks and mortar, but when I witness five police officers or PCSOs attending Newburgh Fair at the weekend (see photo above) I seriously question if Lancashire police have lost the plot. They might not be facing the financial difficulties they claim and our police stations might not be threatened if they didn’t adopt such a profligate approach to spending.”

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