Council and Edge Hill to work on minimising traffic and parking problems

Adrian has secured the establishment of a working group to seek to minimise issues caused by traffic and parking related to the University, particularly at peak times. The agreement was reached at a Council/University Forum meeting last Friday.

Adrian said, "There are a number of smaller improvements relating to junction and car park permit management that can help minimise the impact of car traffic visiting the University, especially at the start of the autumn term. So, I'm delighted that the Forum agreed to my suggestion to establish a working group to see what can be done to alleviate the problems we saw last autumn."

Adrian said, "Although the working group will be made up of staff from the council, University, county council and police, I would like to hear from local residents about their suggestions for improvements. So please contact me, preferably by e-mail so that I can feed your suggestions into the discussions."

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